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Friday, February 29, 2008

Flashback Friday

Talk about having to swallow A LOT of pride to post this picture! I love how my older sister and younger sister have curled hair, but not the child with the boy haircut! Okay, enough about needing therapy for my sad hair as a child (and 9 is such an awkward age!).

I am posting this picture as a shout out to my favorite sisters! I love them both dearly and individually. To know my little sister Avalon is to love her. SHe is a gem! My sister Lisa and I have not always been best buds (although I wanted to, but being the little sister, I was considered a pest!). Now as an adult and mom, we have grown so much closer. She is one of the hardest working people I know! She is a true survivor and I love her strength.

I am especially excited because I just found out that her family is moving this weekend out here by my home! We have really never lived by each other, but we have kids that are the same ages. My kids have been so excited about this big announcement! They can hardly contain their excitement. Lisa, welcome to the hood!

Lisa & Avalon, I love you!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

David Archuleta - Imagine - American Idol Season 7

I was watching him on American Idol last night and seriously got goosebumps listening to this performance. I have a feeling this kid will be in the top two, if not taking it all! I think I have a new favorite for this show. Go David Archuleta!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

These photos make me smile

I love it when my kids are actually playing together without fighting and bickering. I am glad I was able to catch this moment! These photos crack me up! I was in the computer room (probably wasting time looking at blogs!)when I noticed this scene:
Emmalee on a crazy monkey bike (that belongs to the neighbors!) with the wagon attached under the seat. Emmalee was enjoying taking Jonathan and Elizabeth for a ride. I think Jonathan and Elizabeth were enjoying the royal treatment!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Heritage Heroes post

This week's heritage hero is about my great grandma on my dad's side (his mother's mom). I was named after my dad's mom, and I thought it was fitting to name our youngest after her mother. This is who our little lizzieboo (Elizabeth) was named after. Here is her story and photo:

Elizabeth Maximilliana Folkman Ipsen

Born Jan 31, 1875 Plain City Utah
Died Oct. 3, 1956 Lehi Utah

(This story is one of the many found in the stories my aunts wrote for a book they gave out at a family reunion about 15 years ago)

This baby girl was the fourth daughter born to her parents, Christopher Olsen Folkman and Maxilliana Maria Olivia Lingvall Folkman.

Elizabeth was always called "Lizzie". From conversations with her, she said she had to quit school in the eighth grade and go to work. Her mother taught her how to sew and when she was old enough, she lived with the rich families in Ogden and sewed for them.

When she was 29 yrs. old, she met a handsome young man with sandy red hair and clear blue eyes named "Mike" Ipsen. They were married on June 15 1903 in the Salt Lake Temple.

They had a beautiful baby daughter named Elizabeth. Then Heavenly Father sent them another choice baby daughter named Eva Mary. Six weeks after Eva was born, Elizabeth went back to heaven to live with Heavenly Father. Mike and Lizzie didn't have any more children. This made them very sad.

Lizzie was very talented. She could sew, cook, garden and do anything else that needed to be done. She didn't want anyone to waste anything; time, money, talent or food.

It was very important to her for her daughter, Eva and her grandchildren to have proper manners. She made lots of beautiful dresses for her six granddaughters.

She was a hard worker in the Church. She gave many, many hours of service. She had a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When I read this about this woman, it makes me wonder how she moved on with the sorrows of bringing home a new baby while losing their sweet other little girl. After that loss, they couldn't have more kids.

My grandma was an only child who herself grew up to have seven kids of her own. It makes me wonder what her support system was like. I know her husband went on many missions for the church, leaving at home his wife and only daughter often. I love that in this photo of her, she is holding a guitar. It again, raises questions as to how often she played, what songs did she sing, what did her voice sound like? These are questions I am sure to ask her and my grandma when I get a chance to meet them!

I know that I am grateful for her and the way she raised my grandma.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Jacob=100% BOY

The other day, Jacob asked me if I would come over to where he jumps his bike (well, it's his friends bike since his was stolen)with his friends and take pictures of them jumping their bikes over mounds of dirt (I know they are called something else, but I forget).

I figured that since he asked, it probably is important to him. I almost didn't because I could think of 100 other things I could be doing. I'm glad I went. I was pretty impressed with the ability of the boys' jumping. Mostly because I have ridden my bike and tried to just lift the front tire and that was laughable!

Here is just a few pictures of the 110 that I took (I know, silly mom that I am!). I love the last one best. The look on his face is priceless to me. Jacob has such an intense look on his face. He was very grateful that I took the time and I was grateful for the invite. It's moments like these that I am sure I will beg for as my kids get older and no longer want my services!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Flashback Friday

It was about a year ago that we sold this last batch of puppies. When we sold htem, we didn't realize they would be the last. We have since decided to be a dog free household and have no dogs here at our home anymore.

These photos were taken with the help of Jacob so we could place an ad for the puppies. Aren't they cute!

I do miss the cute cuddles they gave, the funny barks they made and the mad dash for the door when we would go outside to play with them.

I don't miss the torn up trash, toys, anything they could get their mouth on to chew, the mass amounts of poop they littered all over the yard, the big money we spent on dog food to feed them.

Ahh, memories!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A sweet funny from my sweet Emmalee

I was watching American Idol with Emmalee last night. It was the top 12 girls performing. While we were watching, I was giving my 2 cents on certain singers (well maybe I was offering more like a dollar).

She asks me out of the blue if I would ever go on American Idol. I chuckled and expressed that I couldn't go on because I can't sing. She then tells me "Yes you can". I chuckled again (singing to the radio isn't really singing!)and said "That's sweet of you Emmalee." I selfishly wanted to enjoy the innocent compliment. I didn't want to really share that not only am I WAY too old (the cut off age is 28, too bad I am 29). I also would be fodder for the critics of the really BAD singers in the early audition shows.

Even so, I was thrilled that my sweet 9 year old sincerly thought of the prospects of her aging, tone deaf mother performing on our favorite show.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Really Really late Heritage Heroes

I am anxious to keep up with this tradition even if I am struggling to post them on Sundays.

Here is this weeks Heritage Hero

Esther Harrison Davis was my great great grandma on my father’s side (and on his father’s side). She was a beautiful woman with a fascinating story. I am typing her story as I found it in a book that was written by my dad’s sisters for a family reunion. I happened to have the book because my brother (Wells) graciously handed over to me last year a stack of books that belonged to my dad. It was quite a treasure to receive! Here is Esther’s story:

This baby girl was born with three other babies. They are called triplets. Esther was the only baby to live. She was born in a foreign country named England. Her parent’s names were William Harrison and Sarah Esther Porter Harrison. She had a younger sister and brother.

Esther’s parents were baptized members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in England. Her mother, Sarah was living with her parents with her children when Esther’s father disguised himself and knocked on the door of the home. When his wife came to the door, he blew out the candle and stole their children;William Chase, age 3; Sarah, age 5; and Esther, age 7. Their father brought them to America on the ship called “Caravan”. These children never saw their mother again. Esther’s life became very hard and sad.

Esther was baptized in the Missouri River on November 28, 1861. It was very cold and they had to break the ice. She walked all the way across the plains with her feet tied in rags.

This family finally arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah on September 26, 1862. She now had a new mother.

Esther married a special young man named William George Davis. They lived in Utah. The Lord blessed them with eleven children. Six of these babies died. This pretty mother died when she was 37 years old. Her new baby died with her.

Another woman that I am anxious to meet and know!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Don't they look happy?

This is how I spent my Valentine's day. I was taking wedding photos for this happy couple. They are actually getting married today. I am heading out to take their wedding photos in about a hour. I am sad for all the rain. I am crossing my fingers that the rain will stop at least for the ceremony. I am not looking forward to taking photos indoors. The natural light is SO MUCH better.

Is is already Friday!? Flashback Friday

What a busy week, where did it go? I figured since it was Valentine's this week, I would share a couple of fun photos of Valentine's day back in 2002. I can vividly remember Jacob coming home from Preschool with this cute hat and fun milk jug full of valentines. We did the standard pose for photo obsessed mom and then proceeded to make the traditional Valentine sugar cookies (sadly, we haven't made those for the last 2 years!). Jacob LOVES to make any task fun and MESSY! He still hasn't changed. Love you, Jacob!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

{Late} Heritage Heroes

I totally forgot to post a Heritage Heroes post yesterday, but wanted to stay consistant with these posts. I am posting a very funny, yet interesting story about my great-great-great grandpa Allen. Orville Morgan Allen was a very colorful, strong man. He was passionate about the gospel and it showed. He was once one of Joseph Smith's bodyguards and he also was a Captain of one of the company's of Saints that left Nauvoo in the Exodus to Salt Lake. He was the Captain over the company of saints that experienced the Miracle of the Quails (this story is a lot like the story of Manna from the Old Testatment, very cool!. I am going to post one of his journal entries from their exodus together. You will get a little snippet of his personality from this entry. Enjoy:

Here is the story:
Sunday, 25th (Oct 1846)
Encamped on the west side of Soap Creek. I was superintending the brethren in their several duties all day. About 4 o'clock in the evening, a man was purchasing our goods and would pay in corn; amongst other articles traded away, SIster Savary let Bishop Knight have six plates which he sold to the man for 48 cents. Brother Savary at this time returning from hunting his cattle and finding that the plates were gone, commenced abusing his wife with his tongue. After considerable talk, she told him to "go and get them again then." He went to Bishop Knight and demanded them when the stranger said "if I cannot have the plates, I will , I won 't have anything." and went away. Knight went after him and succeeded in making a trade with him and getting the corn. Knight told me of the circumstances, and I went with him to talk to Savary upon the folly of his conduct when Savary daid, " I would not take six bits for my plates; I thought more of those plates than anything I have." Said I, "Savary, then you think more of those plates than you do of your wife." He replied, "I did." I then said, "I will give you a dollar for your wife." He agreed. I then offered him a dollar, he said "Give it to my woman." I did so, she accepted it. I then went for the clerk to make out the necessary writings, when we got to Savcary's wagon, he said, "I will not sign any paper, I consider I am an honorable man and my word is my bond." I asked him if he repented of his bargain, he replied "No." I then went to the wagon and began conversing with Sister Savarfy when he came up and said, "You have no business talking with my woman." I replied, "You have no woman, you have sold her;I bought her and shall claim her in time and eternity." Savary then ordered me away several times and became very abusive in his language to me and to prove the above, call George B. Gardiner, Solomon Wixom, Thomas Bullock, Stephen Perry, and Jesse P. Harmon.

I found this story in his ancestory file while I was in Nauvoo last year. This story makes me giggle.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Flashback Friday

Yes, I know that it's still Thursday (and way too late for me to be awake!). Since I am still up and can't sleep, I figured I might as well post this for tomorrow. This photo is our family after Jonathan was born. Look how tiny he was at 2 months. He was itty bitty. I chuckle when I see how stuck in a time warp I was with my hair! My kids are so sweet looking in the photos. What happened, LOL! Kidding!! (My kids love to read my blog). Nothing really to add other than have fun laughing at how old we look now in comparison!

A Class Act

I was not surprised that Mitt Romney dropped out of the race for President today, but I was sad. I really felt that he encompassed all the values, qualities and strengths that are needed to lead this country. I am impressed by the manner in which he spoke to the media to announce it. He spoke with passion, love and respect for this country. While watching him speak, you can feel it come through his whole entire body.

Now, let's pray for this country considering the hands it may fall into with who is left to elect president! YIKES!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sharing some LOVE..

Because my kids have a mom that is obsessed with photos and photoshop, they have to endure their mom making their valentines instead of buying them.

Why do I do this to myself? I ordered them as wallet size photos (that still need to be cut out from a 5x7 sheet) and then I have to stuff bags with candy along with the photo because the photos don't come with an envelope!

Well, I guess I know the reason, because I am insane and I love my kids! These Valentine's remind me how much I really do love them! When they are tugging at my leg, screaming at each other, or throwing toys or punches, I can look at these Valentine's and smile for a moment (though it sometimes is for a brief moment).

Jordan insisted on not having one made for him since he is in Middle School (8th grade)-what's up with that? Lizzieboo gets to be in Emmalee's since she really doesn't go to school and need to pass them out anyway (or so her cheap mom says). So enough rambling.. here are the Valentine's...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


For some reason, I have been mesmorized by this election year. I am grateful to live in a country where I have the opportunity to vote! Hopefully those of you who are able to vote will remember to go to your polling places and cast the vote for who you want to see run for president. I know I can't wait! GO MITT! Okay, off my soapbox...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays always...

..make me SMILE! I love rainy days (though with my paper route, I may need to reconsider this!).
One of my favorite things to do on a rainy day is to make cinnamon rolls. There is just something about snuggling up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and a hot cinnamon roll.
My kids will be thrilled when they get home since we haven't made any since Christmas.
Now, if I could just figure out how to get them off my waistline faster!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Starting a new tradition: Heritage Heroes

In the same spirit of Flashback Friday, every Sunday I would like to devote a post to sharing a story of our family heritage calling it Heritage Heroes.

I will start this tradition with the sharing of the story of my great-great-great-great grandmother Catherine Curtis Spencer. She was the mother of Aurelia Spencer Rogers ( who was the great grandmother to my Grandma Allen).

Her story is filled with: sadness, heartache, endurance, dedication, courage, love and devotion. I am posting her story from a file I retrieved while in Nauvoo IL last year. I would post a photo of her, but there isn't one that exists.

Her story:
On March 12, 1846, at Indian Creek near Keosauqua, Iowa Territory, Catherine died, just nine days short of her 35th birthday. She was the youngest daughter of a large and affluent family, and she had become accustomed to her father's fond and tender care. But when she joined the Church, she had to give up the refined life her father had given her and take up the persecuted life her membership offered.

In the trying conditions of the exodus, she often sang to her six children to relieve their hunger and chill. But the changes from a warm, brick home to an icy floor and canvas roof proved too much for her to endure. When her little ones came to the wagon to inquire of her condition, she would respond, "Oh you dear little children, how I do hope you may fall into kind hands when I am gone!"

A night or two before she died, she asked her husband, Orson Spencer to gather her children and friends around her. After she had kissed her loved ones, she said to her husband, "I love you more than ever, but you must let me go. I only want to live for your sake and that of our children." When asked if she had any advice for her father's family, she replied, "Charge them to obey the gospel."

Soon afterwards, she asked to be taken to a house, because the incessant rain had soaked her bedding and had made comfort impossible. Immediately a man named Barnes consented to have her brought to his house, which was not far from the camp. There she died in peace with a smile upon her countenance, and a cordial pressure of her husband's hand.

After her death, Orson Spencer buried her in Nauvoo next to thier youngest child, who had died nearly six months before. Brother Spencer notes in his wifes eulogy "her unceasing and dutiful bearing to her husband, and her matronly diligence in infusing the purest and loftiest virtues into the minds of her children." He explained that he did not write such a tribute in order to mourn for the dead;the dead would be taken from many evils to come. He wanted only to preserve his wife's image in their young children's memories.

John R. Young records a few more details about Orson and Catherine Spencer. Orson had graduated from an eastern college, Brother Young writes, and had become a popular Baptist minister. But when he heard the teachings of Joseph Smith, he and his highly educated wife gave up their home, friends, popularity and occupation and followed the Savior. Almost overnight, they had become strangers to their own kindred.

John R. Young comments add to the pathos of Catherine's death, particularly his account of the exchange between Catherine and her husband after they had received a reply letter from her parents: " The sorrowing husband wrote imploringly to the wife's parents, asking them to receive her into their home until the Saints should find an abiding place. The answer came "Let her renounce her degrading faith and she can come back, but never until she does."

This is someone I can't wait to meet on the other side!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Flashback Friday

I am posting another older layout for my flashback friday. I am posting this particular layout because it shows Emmalee when she was barely 2 with a full head of hair.

This photo was taken days before jordan (who was six at the time) gave Emmalee a Billy Ray Cyrus Mullet! I remember being crushed that my only girl (at that time) that had such pretty hair now looked like Leather Tuscadaro (think Happy Days!). What made it so heart wrenching was that the style looked like something I chose for her to have, not a style that her 6 year old brother gave her. Luckily, her hair grew back really fast and she is just as much a cute doll today as she was in these photos hunting for bugs with her brother Jacob.