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Friday, February 27, 2009

An update on our TV-less week...

Elizabeth runs with the kite (excuse my horrible video skills! I didn't know turning the camera to the side wouldn't flip the screen automatically)

Jonathan is wheeling backwards with the kite in his mouth! It's quite a sight to watch him fly a kite with no hands!

Emmalee flying and skating

With no TV, I thought I would indulge the kids with the high cost of flying kites (they cost a buck at wal-mart!) What a fun treat to watch them fly these kites! Elizabeth just runs and runs and runs...Jonathan sticks the string base in his mouth and wheels away! Emmalee has been experimenting with flying while riding Jacob's ripstick. SHe does really good! Jacob has done a great job at monitoring all the kites and keeping them from getting tangled in trees, each other and random kids that pass by :) We have actually enjoyed having the TV off so far. Less fighting and more playing with each other. James and I are actually contemplating doing this more often! It has even been good for James and I. We originally were going to allow for us to watch, but changed our minds so we could set an example. It hasn't been easy, but I am hopeful that this Sunday will go a little more smooth because of it. If it does, than this was totally worth it!

Here is Lizzieboo running

Jonathan showing off his ironman kite

Emmalee has better coordination than her mom!

Jacob going to check on the progress of the kite flyers

Jordan had the opportunity to participate in the Science Fair at school. Last year everyone was a participant, but this year they only allowed those that got a certain grade on their projects to participate. Luckily, Jordan was able to participate. It was fun to see all the creative and original ideas that these kids came up with. James and I laughed at some of the projects for their subject matters-like one that measured different ages for their ability to remember and retain information (surprisingly-adults in their 30's and 40's remembered the best)

Here is James with Jordan

I had to sneak in a picture with him too. I made sure I wore my 3 inch wedge shoes so I could be as tall :)

Here is Jordan with his project

Monday, February 23, 2009

Will we survive?

I put my kids on a TV strike for the week. It will be an interesting week for sure! It stemmed from the struggles I have EVERY Sunday in Sacrament meeting. With James in the Bishopric, I am a single mom on the bench. The older kids do okay (sometimes) but Jonathan and Elizabeth are my biggest offenders. They kick, hit, scream, wiggle away, crawl under the bench...I feel sorry for anyone who sits by us.

After we got home from church, I made them all sit on the couch and listen to me vent my frustrations about sitting through the most important part of church with frustration and anger with my kids. These are the feelings I want to get rid of while at church, not create stronger!

So, as I was doing my best to figure out the best way to make this sink in (especially to Jonathan and Elizabeth), it hit me...make your home the way you want them to be at then I blurted out without too much further thought...No TV all next week...nothing, no movies, no church movies, no computer, nothing! THey can read books or listen to music.

I then wondered if I could do it?! A preschooler all day...JOnathan who loves his animal shows on animal older kids who love to watch after school, before school...WOW what did I just say?!

BUT, I am committed! If the thought hit me that fast, it must be the right answer (even if it's hard!). I told them that the test for getting the TV back would be church this next week. If they can sit reverently for church they can have the TV back next week. THis may sound easy, but in the 6 months that James has been in there, there hasn't been a week that they have been reverent (except when Jonathan is home sick), so this really will be a challenge! Wish me luck!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's!





Jordan told me NOT to make him a Valentine. I guess kids in 9th grade don't pass out Valentine's :)