frosted flakes

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Look at us! We're featured on an ad for Meridian Magazine!

Well, not necessarily featured, more like captured. My mother-in-law emailed us tonight to tell us that she saw us on some of the photos for an ad on the front page of Meridian Magazine for Nauvoo.

Here is the ad:

THe link for the ad is:

THe 2 bottom pictures are of our family. THe stilts are of Emmalee, Jordan and Me. THe bottom picture is of Grandpa Flake making a horseshoe for Emmalee at the Webb BLacksmith SHop.

What a fun discovery! It makes me want to go back really really really bad!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Show n Tell..

Today at school, Jonathan's teacher had me bring in his new cycle to school to show his class. What a fun experience that was! Those kids were so happy for Jonathan, it was sweet and touching. THey each got to go up (in groups of 4) to see it up close and ask JOnathan questions about it. Jonathan was eating up every second of it too! Then, he rode the bike around the playground and as he was riding, the kids started to run with him following him. It was AWESOME. It brought tears to my eyes to see the kids just gravitate to him like that and run along side him as he rode. Then they started to get out of breath to keep up. What a sight!! Then, as they had to line up to go back to class, Jonathan told the class they needed to get a family picture (so funny that he called his class his family). Here are some photos of his class, teacher, aides and favorite student (who I'm not supposed to tell you that he has a little crush on).

Giving Madysen Jones a high five!

Here he his with his favorite student Madysen :)

Here is Jonathan with his awesome, wonderful aides. I really love these women! They are truly angels with hearts of gold! JOnathan loves them too!!

Here is his teacher Ms. Meehan. She is a great teacher! She is very kind to Jonathan. She is so supportive of him and his different needs.

Here is his 3rd grade class. They were so fun! What a great treat to see how thoughtful they were to their classmate!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Jonathan and his new wheels!

We had such a fun Sat. as a family! We had the opportunity to take the whole family to an event that was sponsored by the Spina Bifida Association and was held at Chandler Regional Hospital. All the bikes were donated to the kids. The bike is operated by using a hand pedal. I told my kids that getting this bike for Jonathan wasn't like getting a new toy. I explained that if this event had been for them, they would have issued them wings so they could experience something they never thought they would be able to do. So here are some pictures of Jonathan getting his wings!