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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Big Sis!

Okay, so yesterday was her birthday :) My big sister turned the big 40! I love my big sister Lisa! She is the best!! Yesterday my mom and little sister Avalon came out to QC and we met the at Costa Vida to celebrate. We had a little fun goofing off taking pictures. Here is proof at how goofy we are :) Can't wait to do it again!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Jonathan is now a FISH!

Today was a big accomplishment for Jonathan! He can now swim all on his own!! NO noodle, floaties, nothin! He has been going over to his school aides house this summer 2x's a week and she has told Jonathan over and over that he can do ANYTHING! Well, she was right. I honestly didn't think Jonathan could ever swim on his own without help. I am happy to say I was wrong!! Here are videos and pictures to prove it :) GO JONATHAN!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

WHew!!! The sound of relief! Jordan's eagle project is done!!

Kind of-at least the biggest part of it! What an emotional roller coaster that was!! Between getting donations gathered, fliers passed out, building secured, pattern created and tweaked, organizing many great and willing volunteers, keeping calm...these are just a few of the tasks Jordan had to conquer.

I did manage to bug, annoy and nag him along the way :) I actually learned more than I ever thought I would.

I am impressed with how well Jordan managed this project. It was big and crazy! I am equally impressed with the amount of love and generosity shown by family and friends. So many came and helped in ways I didn't think possible. From the darling fabric that was donated, phone calls to see what was needed and those that just jumped in and went to work. Kudos to all of you!!! I love you all!!! Thanks!

a pile of completed pants-we actually ended up with 96! 38 with velcro and the rest without. We can't wait to present them to St. Joe's hospital!

Sis. Lawes and me in the kitchen getting food ready for the volunteers

Jon Cammack showing off the first pair competed!

Kyndal ironing seams. Such a cutie!

A group photo of all the kids there helping. The adults were glued to the sewing machines.

Sis. Cammack and her hard working daughter sewing like crazy!! Yet, still smiling :)

My sister Lisa avoiding the camera while my mom is working, sewing, working and more sewing. They worked their little tails off!!

Aunt Shelley and Aunt Amy chatting while working. THey were great helpers too!

Sis. Shaw was the button hole queen :)

Jordan posing with Kylie White who also stayed til the bitter end!

Bro. WHite and Bro. Britton stringing through the drawstring. Such troopers!!

Molly and Eric still smiling after too many hours to count!!!

Same with Cheri and Cathy. Smiling and sewing, so much fun :)

Sis. Cammack was a sewing machine!!

Our Stake President Pres. Lawes and his wife were so sute sewing together. We loved seeing them come and support Jordan! Jordan loves their family. He is lucky enough to be their home teacher.

More sewing from Cathy and Cheri...

again, more and more sewing from Molly and Eric...

Kris Driggs helping Ty cut out patterns

More buttons holes from sis. Shaw

Cathy posing with the great upside down pattern that Bro. Sherman cut out :)

Hunter ironing also. These kids helped out so much!!!

taking a moment to visit and get acquainted

me, grandma and jordan as grandma arrives with lots of stuff to get started!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

a little advertising for my son's eagle scout project :)

This sat, my oldest Jordan is going to have his Eagle project. I am filled with anxiety, pride, gratitude and sadness that I am old enough to have a son working on his eagle! Here is the flyer he delegated to me to create :)

Hopefully we will make it to Sat :)