frosted flakes

Monday, October 20, 2008

I am painfully behind in my blogging!

I feel really guilty for all the great posts I have been neglecting to share! Mainly the 2 birthdays for 2 special guys in my life!. James turned 41 on August 30 and Jonathan turned 9 on October 15. I will post a birthday post separately for them after I play a little catch up.

To explain the pioneer photo on the blog topper, well we just returned from a week long trip visiting Nauvoo, IL. We rented an RV and drove our family 3200 miles to get there. We had lots of fun along the way combined with beautiful scenery, lots of giggles, movies, games, but most of all a new appreciation for the sacrifices that were made for the gospel. Some of our most favorite moments weren't the expected ones. They were the solemn visits to areas like Liberty Jail, Carthage and viewing the movie Joseph-Prophet of the Restoration in the Nauvoo visitor center. These moments will hold a special place in our hearts.

The RV we drove in for all those many miles!

Our family outside the Liberty Jail Visitor Center

A recreation of the Jail

Emmalee sitting at the window where the Prophet fell after he was martyred. The spirit is very strong at this site. The Elder that took us on the tour was very emotional as he shared the information and his testimony.

Here we are at the Hyrum and Joseph statue. Jordan took our picture (explains his absence)

Here is the Nauvoo temple. It is very beautiful! We had the opportunity to attend on one of the days. It was a very special experience.

We were really excited to visit with James' parents who are on a mission in Nauvoo. They were very kind and generous with their time. I do have to mention that another favorite of the family's was the performance of Grandma and Grandpa Flake in Rendevous in Old Nauvoo. They were a delight to watch as were the other performers. The kids were reciting parts of the performance for the remainder of the trip!

Here is Grandpa Flake with all of us outside the Webb Blacksmith Shop

Here is Grandma Flake with all of us after the carriage ride she took us on (she was the tour guide, not driver) through Old Nauvoo

Here are Grandma and Grandpa Flake with the kids in their pioneer clothes as Pioneer Pasttimes. We had a blast dressing up and playing with the fun games and toys of that period.

Here are Grandma and Grandpa as Noah and Sophia in the performance.

Here we are posing after the performance outside while the cast shakes hands with those who attended.

One sweet part of the trip on the way there was the stop we made to Uncle Wells' house to visit their newest addition Jacob Clayton Davis! He was a doll! The kids also helped pick a harvest of vegetables for Uncle Wells before the frost killed them.

Wells looking like grizzly adams while showcasing his funky pumpkin

Jonathan showing off the fall squash

More of Wells' vegetables!

Sweet little Jacob Clayton

He has the sweetest little face!

The trip was every emotion wrapped up into one and there are fond memories of all of them. We can't wait to go again! We are trying to figure out how to go back. We already miss it. The crisp weather, the gorgeous trees, the quaint towns, to get some work done so I can actually pay for this trip....