frosted flakes

Monday, March 24, 2008


This will not be what I see every morning anymore! I finally decided that I NEED a life! I finally put in my 30 day notice that I QUIT! YEAH!

This will be a long 30 days-but at least there is an end in sight! WOOHOO! Just had to share.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

After 15 years of marriage-this is how we spent the day celebrating...

James and I celebrated 15 years of marriage on March 12th. Since it was in the middle of the week, James took the following Sat. off work. He asked me what I wanted to do to spend the day together. He was fully anticipating me suggesting a movie and dinner. He had NO idea I would suggest going for a hike! He was kind enough to give into my crazy request.

We spent the day hiking up Silly mountain, getting some ice cream from his sister's new yogurt shop-Lucky Cream in Gold Canyon- then he even suggested more hiking! We then went to Prospector's Park in Apache Junction and hiked some of the trails in front of the Superstitions.

Unfortunately my camera died by the time we hit Prospectors park. It was absolutely a beautiful day to hike. There were wildflowers EVERYWHERE! It was great fun to spend the day together! Thanks for 15 years, James! Can't wait for more!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Ketchup Photos

If you didn't read the ketchup post below, these photos are just hodge podge photos that correlated with some of the activities mentioned below (okay, probably just Jordan's) the rest are random activities of the kids:

Top photo is Emmalee playing on the rock wall during one of my photo shoots

Next photo is Jonathan at his FIRST blue and gold banquet for cub scouts

Middle photo is Jacob and Lizzieboo in Jonathan's wagon after they flew down the retention basin by our house.

These last two photos are of Jordan in his newly borrowed suit. And the other photo is of Jordan taking his seat as the prosecuter for his Mock Trial.

Ketchup anyone?

Okay, I have been a very very very bad blogger this last week! How about a ketchup (catch-up)post to get all the details of what my crazy week has been like!

Last week was quite a whirlwind of activity:

lets start with Tuesday when I was at a cannery meeting for my calling. I was sitting and getting my stuff gathered to leave when I got a call from the principal from the elementary school. She was informing me that Jonathan was going to be suspended from school for three days due to violent and aggressive behavior on the playground. Sadly, this didn't surprise me as much as it should. She expressed her concern over why he was so angry more than what he did to the students. I am sure Jonathan deals with frustrations that none of us will EVER understand. The problem is that this isn't an excuse to hurt other students. So, Jonathan became a permanant fixture at home for the remainder of the week (though he had half days on Thurs and Fri with Spring Break this week!).

Then the next day (Wed.) I had to take Jonathan and Elizabeth to the dentist to fix their sad teeth. They both had such bad cavities that they required anesthesia to get everything taken care of. It was hilarious to watch both Jonathan and Elizabeth get a shot to get them sleepy for the IV. Jonathan watched Elizabeth first and proceeded to let me know that he would sit in his wheelchair and after the shot he would fall over to sleep (with the actions provided in the description of him doubling over). They did great! We went to Grandma Pidd's house to hang out for the rest of the afternoon since Jonathan had physical therapy later that afternoon. Jonathan kept complaining that he was so dizzy. Here is how the dialoque was for about an hour after we got to my moms: "Why can't I sit up!?" "Mom, why isn't Elizabeth dizzy like me?!", "Mom, I need a mirror! I need to see my teeth!". After he received a mirror, he stared at his new (3) silver teeth (caps) for at least another hour or two! At therapy, his therapist (Linda) put adaptive pedals on his kettcar (a car with pedals) for Jonathan to drive around (or pedal around!). It was a fun treat for him after a bad day at school and then a crazy morning at the dentist. We love Linda!

Thursday was parent teacher conferences for all my kids. Before I went to the conferences, I took Jacob, Jordan and his buddy Kenyon Davis to a disgruntled homeowners house on my paper route who was unhappy that I left giant divets in his (dirt!) front yard (think rural houses!) when I got my minivan stuck in his yard about a month ago (while it was raining!). He was not a happy camper! I took these boys with me to break up the dirt clods and smooth it out. The boys did great and enjoyed the breadsticks and dessert pizza from R&R Pizza (a new pizza place by us).

Friday was a fun and LONG day. James and I escorted Jordan to Florence. He was invited along with 5 other students to participate in a Mock Trial. They were the prosecution team that presented a case to REAL judges in a REAL superior court room. They even objected the defense questions, redirected questions to witnesses and looked calm and collected! It was a neat experience. We borrowed a suit from Uncle Stephen (who had originally borrowed it from uncle Ryan). He looked so grown up! He tells us that it has intriqued him enough to consider this as a profession to look into. James and I were proud parents! As soon as we returned, I had to immediately turn around and go to a wedding photo shoot for a sweet couple from our ward. They looked darling and HAPPY. I was thrilled to get the chance to take their photos.

Saturday my nice, sweet and hard working sister came and cleaned my house (I did pay her, so I am not a complete slave driver!)It was so fun to visit with her and her daughter Kyndal. What was even nicer was having my pig sty of a house (especially after our crazy week!)clean!

Sunday was actually a nice day! We FINALLY (starting last week) got to attend church in our NEW building about a 1/4 mile from our house. This was a warm welcome since for the last 3 years, we have been attending church 12 miles away (25 round trip!). To make it even better we went from having church at 2pm to having it start at 8am! What a fun treat to come home with the rest of the day to enjoy time with my family and take a nice 2 hour nap!

So, if you have read this long, you are kind and loyal and CRAZY! I will post some pics after I get this posted to share some of the festivities this last week and some from the previous week too.