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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where oh where has my little blog gone? Where oh where can it be?...

My blog has been sorely neglected (again!). I will try to redeem this sad realization. I have finally taken photos off of my camera and will try an attempt at a catch up.

Here is my Jonathan receiving his SUCCESSFUL STALLION award last quarter at school for doing such a great job with his improving grades. He was thrilled to participate and hear his name to call him to the stand with all the other 3rd graders who received awards. He is our little gem for sure!

Here are some of us (minus the younger ones)showing support to Jordan at his very first High School play. He played a Dad from the 20's at the breakfast table (which explains his robe and slicked down hairdo). It was a treat to see!

Next is a sample of James head showing off the creative juices of his kids. It's a tradition to let the kids have free reign with his noggin during general conference. They love it and he loves the extra TLC they give during the process.

Here are the scouts from behind sporting their new neckerchiefs their leaders made for the troop.

Here is a photo of Jordan receiving the final merit badges he needs! He is now ready to move onto his Eagle Project so he can earn his Eagle by the end of the summer! We have worked really hard to accomplish this goal!

Here is Jacob with his leader and myself. He is receiving his rank advancment to Star. That leaves only 1 more rank advancement before Eagle (which is Life)! He also has worked super hard (with me!) to get this accomplished! Great Job, both Jordan and Jacob!!!

I don't have photos from this last weekend, but I don't want to exclude mentioning what a great weekend it was! I had the opportunity to go to Womens Conference in Utah with James sisters. It was every emotion wrapped up in 4, tiring, educational, silly, overload, spiritual, giggly, emotional, homesick, restful, etc...I was so happy to be able to get such a fill spiritually and get a break from being mom, wife, etc..but I realized while I was there, that those are my favorite and most important roles I could have! I really missed my family and couldn't wait to get back. I even woke up elizabeth from a dead sleep at midnight when I got home Sat. and rocked her. I was so grateful for James for being so supportive of me going and leaving the kids and him for that long. The kids worked hard to keep the house clean which was nice to come home to!

Here are the final events for this posting marathon:

Yesterday was Cinco De Mayo and also my favorite cousins 35th birthday (Dece). I was thrilled to be able to go to lunch with her and Christi (her sister in law and my scrapping friend!)to celebrate. What better way to celebrate than to have Mexican food!

Finally, here are Jacob and Emmalee showing off their projects from school at Curriculum Night. They both did a great job! Jacob's project was a country project. He chose Spain (because his dad served his mission in Spain).

Emmalee did a state report. Her state was Kansas. It was fun to reminisce our vacation last Oct when we traveled through Kansas and even camped out in Wichita overnight in the WalMart parking lot in the RV we rented!(great memories!)

Hopefully this catch up won't keep me from continuing to post other events