frosted flakes

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Can I ever get my house clean again?!

Last month when I had Bunko at my house, I cleaned my house top to bottom, inside and out. It looked heavenly (and even felt that way!). This month, not so much...

Do I need to plan a party at my house again so I want to clean it? Why can't I just do it because it's a pig sty and we shouldn't live in squalor.

Sorry for this rant, but I needed to get this off my chest. Maybe now since I know that I have exposed myself to the entire blog world, I may feel obliged to get a head start on it this Saturday morning.

Now, off to find a pen to start making a list...(is there a pen in this house somewhere?!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

(another one) Happy Happy Birthday Emmalee Dear..

Emmalee hits the double digits tomorrow! She will be 10 years old. We are going on a campout tomorrow, so I wanted to make sure I posted a birthday message for her before we leave. Here are 10 great things I love about being Emmalee's mom:

1-Emmalee is sweet to her family. She is always writing kind notes and leaving them for either me, or her siblings or dad.

2-She is very creative. Give her some scraps of paper, ribbon, glue and she can create some pretty neat masterpieces.

3-Emmalee is very generous. She has no problems sharing and giving anything away. She will offer anyone what she has plus some.

4-I love her cute little glasses. When Emmalee was only 6 years old, she needed glasses. It's a good think she's so cute in them!

5-She is a great student. I have NEVER attended a school parent teacher conference where her teachers didn't just LOVE Emmalee. She is not only great at finishing her work, she loves to participate with the class.

6-Because of her great love for school, she has only failed to make Principal's Honor Roll once. She did make regular Honor Roll that quarter, but she seems to reach a little farther almost everytime to achieve making it to Principal's Honor Roll.

7-She is another book worm like her older brother. In fact, she usually reads herself to sleep at night.

8-Emmalee is such a natural beauty. I know I am her mom and tend to be biased, but honestly I think she is just a doll!

9-You can't find a better big sister for Elizabeth! Emmalee adores her little sister! Elizabeth loves her a ton as well.

10-I love that she was a breath of fresh air when she arrived to the Flake home. With two older brothers, we needed a sweet, cute and adorable little girl to add to our happy family!

Emmalee, happy birthday! I love you tons!!!

enjoying the crazy snow this past May (she is wearing her newest pair of glasses, which are my favorite ones!)

Rolling down the retention hill in Jonathan's wagon

Giving Elizabeth a ride with her going down the hill

Looking adorable!

Jumping off a wall to show off her skills :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Jordan Dear...

Happy 14th birthday! I can't believe I have a son that is not only 14 years old, but is now in high school! Here are 14 facts about Jordan that make me happy to be his mom:

1-He is great student at school. He is in 3 honors classes. I am happy for the effort he puts forth for his education.

2-Jordan makes me laugh. His dry sense of humor is always making me chuckle. He knows how to add that witty comment in to lighten the mood.

3-He is a book worm. In fact, for his birthday my mom gave him the book Breaking Dawn (his request) and he hasn't put it down since receiving it. It's sad that he has read the Twilight series and I haven't.

4-His love for music. He plays the violin. I love it when I hear him pull out the hymn book or children's songbook and plays songs just to play. It's brings such a nice spirit into our home (which at times is much needed!)

5-I love that he is named after his Grandpa Flake. Not only his grandpa, but his great great grandpa and his great great great great grandpa! What a tradition to be apart of! (His full name is William Jordan Flake)

6-His love of the scriptures. I didn't think about this too much until this year as he started seminary. Every morning it's Jordan that wakes us all up to read. I am happy for his diligence in this area.

7-Jordan is a great brother. Even though he is a bully at times (being the oldest can do that!), he truly does love his siblings. He loves to play games with them, watch movies with them and just hang out.

8-He is involved with his school. In fact, today on his birthday he is taking to school with him posters to hang up to run for student council. Last year he was treasurer and he is running for the same office this year.

9-Maybe I am a little biased, but I think Jordan is very handsome. It makes me chuckle when I hear that girls at school think he's "so cute". He is "so cute"!

10-Jordan not only is involved with school, but he really likes going to school. Most kids want to get out of school and stay home, but he loves to go. He enjoys his teachers and his classes.

11-Did I mention how smart he is? I know I already said this one, but often he knows the answers to things that I never knew. I can picture him laughing while reading this fact. He thinks I know nothing!

12-He is good with anything technological. Computer, tv, mp3 players, cell phone..all of these mentioned items are things he has helped me figure out how to use. It's not that I can't use them, he just figures out how to do things with them I don't even try, like set alarms, save favorite channels, record videos, etc..

13-He is a good eater. He appreciates anything I fix. He is not picky at all. I appreciate this because it has set a good example for his younger siblings. In fact he likes things that surprise me. He loves spicy food. He likes his salsa hotter than his dad.

14-I love that Jordan is not only my son, but he is my friend. I love to sit and chat with him. He will discuss politics with me, listen to talk radio with me, etc..I am happy he is getting mature enough to understand a lot of this type of stuff.

Jordan, I love you! Happy Birthday!

Laughing with his cousin Cory Davis

Giving me that "look" like Mom, are you serious?

Playing the violin for his Grandma Pidd for Mother's day

Hanging out with his buddy Kenyon Davis at 8th Grade promotion

Being "Jordan" with his sibilings and cousin Kyndal Boren